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Natural for z/OS

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Userexit to write SMF records without switching into TCB mode

We have an ongoing Assembler replacement project and want to get rid of a routine which writes SMF records for statistics data. This routine is called around 60 million times a day from RPC transactions. Every call causes a switch from zIIP to the GP
Alexander Schuster 7 months ago in Natural for z/OS / Natural (NAT) 0 Under development

Option to Obtain Dynamic Execution Info

Analysts researching which Natural objects using Dynamic SQL are causing issues such as DB/2 Locking Based on the feedback from SAG (*pasted below), Please create a utility for NDBIOMO (Dynamic Natural SQL) with the option to capture and enable No...
Rick Poirier over 1 year ago in Natural for z/OS / Natural for Db2 (NDB/NDB) 1 Under development