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Due to the recent acquisition by IBM, the Adabas & Natural Ideas Portal does not contain ideas from products ApplinX and EntireX any longer. Please refer to the IBM Ideas Portal for these products from now on (IBMid required). Existing content will be migrated during the next few weeks.

Natural for z/OS

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Allow for I8 datatype

OpenSystems hardware has it for a long time, z/Series has it for quite a while now, so by now there is no platform NOT natively supporting 64-bit arithmetic. So please introduce an I8 datatype into Natural - on all supported platforms (and NOC as ...
Wolfgang Winter about 3 years ago in Natural for z/OS / Natural (NAT) / Programing Syntax (Cross platforms) 1 Future consideration

Decrypt NSC records from PLOG

From SI-505073, create a utility to allow the decryption of NSC records after they have been extracted from a PLOG. This would be an alternative / secondary way to retrieve modifications to the FSEC when the NSC logging records are not available. ...
Chad Scott about 1 year ago in Natural for z/OS / Natural Security (NSC) 0 Under Review

Introduce User-Defined Data Types

There is a SAG strategie (or statement)called "ADABAS & NATURAL 2050+" Based on this I would like to have "User-Defined Data Types". I assume that the audience is familiar with this concept. When NATURAL was introduced it was called a 4-GL lan...
Christian Held about 3 years ago in Natural for z/OS / Natural (NAT) 0 Not in Plan

Option to Obtain Dynamic Execution Info

Analysts researching which Natural objects using Dynamic SQL are causing issues such as DB/2 Locking Based on the feedback from SAG (*pasted below), Please create a utility for NDBIOMO (Dynamic Natural SQL) with the option to capture and enable No...
Rick Poirier over 2 years ago in Natural for z/OS / Natural for Db2 (NDB/NDB) 1 Under development

Encrypt NSC Password to FIPS 140-3 Compliance

The current standard of encrypting the Natural Security password with Electronic Code Book (ECB) encryption to not comply with IRS standards. Enhance Natural Security so that the NSC password is encrypted to meet FIPS 140-3 compliance.
Gary Athaide 10 months ago in Natural for z/OS / Natural Security (NSC) 0 Under Review

Parameter SUBSID in NDV configuration

We had recently iTrac NATMF-28544: "NDV server ABEND U4087 during clean-up at SESSION_TIMEOUT". Analysis of the problem showed that a LX value for NATASM was 0, and further that the subsystem name was "$#@$", because customer had migrated from NAT...
Philippe Van Coppenolle 11 months ago in Natural for z/OS / Natural Development Server (NDV) 0 Future consideration

Function "ODD()"

If you want to know if a number is odd or even, you can do the following now: IF #I <> #I / 2 * 2 THEN ... END-IF This takes however quite a bit of CPU, but it can already by simplified by following declarations: 1 #I (I4)1 REDEFINE #I 2 FIL...
Philippe Van Coppenolle 12 months ago in Natural for z/OS / Programing Syntax (Cross platforms) 0 Future consideration

NSC: Allow / Disallow modules in steplib

If a Natural module exists in a library AND one of its steplibs, it should be possible to DISALLOW the module in the library and ALLOW it in the steplib (or vice versa).
Guest about 3 years ago in Natural for z/OS / Natural Security (NSC) 1 Not in Plan

NAT: Numeric target operands in SEPARATE statement desired

Unfortunately it is not possible with the SEPARATE statement to assign numeric values directly to numeric target fields. Message: NAT0240 Operand format invalid. Format A, B or U expected. So, sometimes laborious redefinitions are necessary. It wo...
Guest about 3 years ago in Natural for z/OS / Natural (NAT) 1 Not in Plan

ISP Editor - keep range selection after applying the range to a "copy" or "move"

More and more ISP users, since program editor disabled. ISP - feature idea (from EVI): the ISP editor should keep the range selection (e.g. lines 5 - 10) after a copy or move command. This is done by the program editor.
Georg Schmitt about 1 year ago in Natural for z/OS / Natural ISPF (ISP) 1 Not in Plan