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Natural for z/OS

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Decrypt NSC records from PLOG

From SI-505073, create a utility to allow the decryption of NSC records after they have been extracted from a PLOG. This would be an alternative / secondary way to retrieve modifications to the FSEC when the NSC logging records are not available. ...
Chad Scott 7 months ago in Natural for z/OS / Natural Security (NSC) 0 Under Review

AND, OR, XOR for binary fields

It is currently not possible to do any "binary" operation on binary fields, like AND, OR, XOR or NOT. This makes declarations of particular bit-constants quasi useless, e.g. ... 3 #TB_VDT_FLAG (B01) /* various property flags...1 #TB_VDT_FLAG_VALUE...
Philippe Van Coppenolle 7 months ago in Natural for z/OS / Natural (NAT) / Programing Syntax (Cross platforms) 0 Future consideration

Option to Obtain Dynamic Execution Info

Analysts researching which Natural objects using Dynamic SQL are causing issues such as DB/2 Locking Based on the feedback from SAG (*pasted below), Please create a utility for NDBIOMO (Dynamic Natural SQL) with the option to capture and enable No...
Rick Poirier over 1 year ago in Natural for z/OS / Natural for Db2 (NDB/NDB) 1 Under development

New Parameter for ZIIP switching

When our Batch Natural for Ziip JOBS do a lot of I/Os the switching that happens even when using the I/O buffer causes the elapsed time to increase & greatly affects the batch window, which is unacceptable. I propose a new parameter to allevia...
Ilan Hirschowitz 7 months ago in Natural for z/OS / Natural for zIIP (NAZ) 0 Not in Plan

Userexit to write SMF records without switching into TCB mode

We have an ongoing Assembler replacement project and want to get rid of a routine which writes SMF records for statistics data. This routine is called around 60 million times a day from RPC transactions. Every call causes a switch from zIIP to the GP
Alexander Schuster 8 months ago in Natural for z/OS / Natural (NAT) 0 Under development

NSC: Allow / Disallow modules in steplib

If a Natural module exists in a library AND one of its steplibs, it should be possible to DISALLOW the module in the library and ALLOW it in the steplib (or vice versa).
Guest over 2 years ago in Natural for z/OS / Natural Security (NSC) 1 Not in Plan

NAT: Numeric target operands in SEPARATE statement desired

Unfortunately it is not possible with the SEPARATE statement to assign numeric values directly to numeric target fields. Message: NAT0240 Operand format invalid. Format A, B or U expected. So, sometimes laborious redefinitions are necessary. It wo...
Guest over 2 years ago in Natural for z/OS / Natural (NAT) 1 Not in Plan

Dynamic parameter for NDV CICS selection.

Customer has 12 CICS's running in the development and test environments and developers need access to them all - meaning 12 NDV server tasks are needed. Consider making the configuration RFE_CICS_TA_HOST and RFE_CICS_TA_PORT dynamic parameters for...
Bjarne Soerensen 11 months ago in Natural for z/OS / Natural Development Server (NDV) 0 Planned


Background: Currently, Natural has no "generic" way to find the number of records loaded in an Adabas file. Natural must always use the name of a file-specific descriptor which is "known to be populated for every record". e.g. FIND NUMBER EMPLOYES...
Guest over 2 years ago in Natural for z/OS / Natural (NAT) 1 Not in Plan

Filler notation for WRITE WORK FILE

Enhancement Request: Please consider allowing filler notation (nX) with the WRITE WORK FILE statement. Example: WRITE WORK FILE 1 VARIABLE #VAR1 2X #VAR2 5X #VAR3 Reason: Filler notation is intuitive and gives a consistent feel to the language syn...
Guest over 2 years ago in Natural for z/OS / Natural (NAT) 1 Not in Plan