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Due to the recent acquisition by IBM, the Adabas & Natural Ideas Portal does not contain ideas from products ApplinX and EntireX any longer. Please refer to the IBM Ideas Portal for these products from now on (IBMid required). Existing content will be migrated during the next few weeks.

Natural for z/OS

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Provide SIZEOF( dataitem ) to determine the storage size of dataitem

Natural defines a set of "Application Related System Variables". To give an example: *LBOUND() and *UBOUND()can be used to determine the lower and upper bound of an array. If you have to answer the question "how much bytes are used for a dataitem?...
Christian Held about 3 years ago in Natural for z/OS / Natural (NAT) 1 Not in Plan

Security issue starting an NDV server

If NSC is active, any person can start and NDV server, even with an invalid INITIAL_USERID, so it is not clear why there is no protection to start an NDV server when NSC is active.
Guest about 3 years ago in Natural for z/OS / Natural Development Server (NDV) / Natural Security (NSC) 0 Not in Plan

Allow Edit-Mask Left & Right on MOVE EDITED

MOVE EDITED only permits 1 Edit-Mask on the left or right hand side. It would save many lines-of-code if 2 Edit-Masks were allowed, left AND right.Effectively, MOVE EDITED is an Alpha Move:one side is alpha & the Edit-Mask reduces the other si...
Guest about 3 years ago in Natural for z/OS / Natural (NAT) 0 Not in Plan

Natural RPC Server, Bufferpool kurz offline

In diesem Fall geht es um das Verhalten des RPC Servers, wenn der Bufferpool kurzzeitig nicht verfügbar ist (z.B. durch einen Neustart zu Wartungszwecken).Momentan würde der RPC Server 16 Versuche hintereinander (ohne Wartezeit) machen und sich da...
Guest about 3 years ago in Natural for z/OS / Utilities 0 Not in Plan