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Status New
Workspace Adabas for z/OS
Created by Bjarne Soerensen
Created on Sep 12, 2022

Allow Adabas Cluster Services maintenance without downtime.

z/OS can upgrade one LPAR at a time in the cluster - but Adabas needs all cluster nuclei to be down to upgrade between releases or to apply particular zaps. Make Adabas Cluster Services able to be upgraded without downtime.

From duplicate ADAMF-I-106 / ADAMF-I-106

Allow in-flight upgrade of Adabas version (ALS) - no down-time.
Make Adabas Cluster Services truly 24/7 by supporting Adabas version upgrades and fallbacks one nucleus at a time. Likewise - support the application of all fixes in-flight.

Will delete duplicate ADAMF-I-106

Use Case ALS version upgrade