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Workspace Adabas for z/OS
Categories Adabas (ADA-zOS)
Created by Tatjana Sawtschenko
Created on Feb 6, 2023

return additional data in a response 9/ subcode 3 case in the first 2 bytes of the ACB Additions 2


If the user session gets, resp/sub 9/3 due to TNAE-timeout or a stop user command and the user was not in transaction status, it may be possible to retry the call.
But in case of TNAE-timeout or stop user during an active transaction, this should be notified. In this case the error must be reported to the caller (otherwise the lost transaction will not be noticed).
So we need following informations:

  • was transaction BTed or not?

  • why? (TT, TNAx, stop, ….)

The kind of user status (ET/ACC/EXU) is not really important. So is it possible to use the additions2 bytes 1 and 2 for this 2 informations?

It is very difficult to keep track of what was done in the session, because the direct-call (cobol) is given in a central subprogram and this program do not know the sessions context.
It would be helpfull to take additional informations in the addditions 2 field.
It is important to know if a transaction backout was really done or not.

Referring to SI-492802 :

"To return additional data in a Response 9/ subc 3 case seems possible, the first 2 bytes of the ACB Additions 2 / ACBXERRB field bytes are not used yet. Per definition this has an alpha-numeric type and could hold a 2 character information."