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Workspace Adabas for z/OS
Created by Zaffer Khan
Created on Jul 13, 2021

Option to specify more than 3 parameters in DELTA SAVE Facility

We would like to request an enhancement for ADABAS DELTA SAVE Facility so as to cater to 3 or parameter options during restore.

Following was an incident raised earlier on the same subject.

ADASAV RESTORE DELTA (Delta/Drives/Fmove):
"Quiet often we have request to restore PRODUCTION DB to PRODCOPY DB.

As PRODCOPY database is not the same size of our PRODUCTION database, we need to Restore with Delta/Fmove.

As ADASAV Restore does not accept all three parameters (Delta/Drives/Fmove) together, the job takes a long time without the Drives parameter." -- Incident 5071993

We thought that having a request under Brainstorm, might yield a possibility of this enhancement request being accepted by SAG in the furture.

Best Regards,
Zaffer Khan

Use Case DeltaSave
Created on Brainstorm 12.03.2013 07:02 pm
Brainstorm ID 752
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