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Workspace Adabas for z/OS
Categories Adabas (ADA-zOS)
Created by Douglas Kelly
Created on Jun 14, 2023

ADAORD reorder with FILE= and no other parms should be an error


is a valid request that will simply reorder the entire associator - the "FILE=" parameter, while appearing to apply only to one file, actually does nothing, unlike the similar


which reorganizes just the associator for file 123.

Perhaps a message could be added to the REOR{ASSO|DATA} functions that FILE= requires at least one additional sub-parameter to be effective?

  • Admin
    Juergen Lind
    Mar 4, 2024

    Hi Miguel and Douglas!

    I discussed this with Dave.

    There is an ambiguity with reorganizing the ASSO for the entire database (REORASSO), or stating how to specify it for certain files, or if they want to reorganize only the ASSO of those files (REORFASSO).

    There is no way to decide this other than to take the function keyword as is!

    Changing ADAORD to reject FILE parameters without sub-parameters.

    The effort to change this would be rather high, so we decided to document these ambiguities.

    Therfore I reject this idea.

    Thanks and cheers,