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Status New
Workspace Adabas for z/OS
Created by Bjarne Soerensen
Created on Mar 5, 2024

Deactivate subscription on ADAF7F to avoid inconsistent target.

The message ADAF7F is issued when a response code comes from the decompression of a record. Such errors can be sporadic in the case of rsp 42/2 caused by a too small LFP. As a result - sporadically - changed records are not replicated. This causing the target to become inconsistent. For ART/RDBMS targets - this inconsistency will later be detected in a subsequent change to the record and the ART source (replication) will stop.

To avoid this inconsistency - please (after the ADAF7F) deactivate the involved subscription and issue a message with date and time (for use in a subsequent replay).

Use Case Replicating all files and all fields to RDBMS.