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Created on Jul 13, 2021

Dynamic load of STPNAT module.

Would it be possible in z/OS to enable Natural to dynamically load STPNAT module (for example, via RCA= ).

If this can be done we can decouple the Natural Nucleus from a dependency of STPNAT, and be less concerned when an STPNAT zap needs to be applied. We already use RCA=NATLIC in the trigger Nucleus so we know that that functionality works in the Trigger environment.

Triggers and Stored Procedures documentation clearly states the following regarding the batch Natural nucleus used for the Adabas triggers and stored procedures facility:

It must be linked with the STPNAT module. The link should not use the options RENT or REUSE; otherwise, results are unpredictable. In addition, ensure that the ADALNK routine used by stored procedures and triggers (ADARUN SPT=YES) is linked with NOREUSE and NORENT, or results will be unpredictable.

Further on in the Installation steps the manual states:

3. Link the batch Natural driver
When linking the batch Natural driver that was assembled in step 1, include the NATPARM assembled in step 2 and STPNAT to create the batch Natural nucleus for the Adabas triggers and stored procedures facility. Ensure that the Natural nucleus link deck contains an INCLUDE STPNAT statement and does not contain the usual INCLUDE ADAUSER statement. The AOSASM module is not required.

This is how we have always processed and all is well, however when we receive a zap for STPNAT it requires the Natural trigger Nucleus to be assembled and rolled out with the Adabas Zaps.

It would be far better if we could roll the zapped STPNAT with other zapped Adabas modules and not have to involve the Natural nucleus.

Cheers Kev

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