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Created on Jul 13, 2021

ADADABS ALLOCATE/DEALLOCATE to be allowed even if file currently used

Currently, it is not possible to proceed with an ALLOCATE/DEALLOCATE of space on a file with ADADBS if a file is used ( even if is it only being read).
We have got very big files (high number of records and high number of cylinders in allocation) in some of our databases : when they take an extent they tend to take the whole remaining space on the database even though they do not need it. It is not possible to recuperate the space online after it has been allocated and it is not possible to allocate the extent really needed as a preventive measure before ADABAS does it automatically : our files are constently allocated to STCs (EntireX Servers) for access by Web and Web Services.
We only stop those services for maintenance on sunday mornings (5 am) for a short time : any action for resizing the files can therefore only be done during that time... with some risks as the files might have evolved between the time the action is prepared (Friday) and its actual execution (sunday morning).
Would it not be possible to modify this behavior ( I thought it was coming with version 8.2.3 as it was documented, but when I raised an incident in 2011 because it didn't work, I was told that the documentation was wrong and was going to be modified !) or at least provide a special command to allow those manipulations (temporary unlock)?
I still don't see anything about that issue in the release notes of the following releases....

My company insists on a 24/24 7/7 mode for all services, so this problem is becoming critical !

Apoor DBA....who has been waiting a long time for an improvement !
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