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Workspace Adabas for z/OS
Created by Guest
Created on Jul 13, 2021

AOS – Reorder Online. Improvements to the interaction performing 'Reorder Online'

When 'Reorder Online' is invoked in AOS ... one gets a message. See example below.

PFLO002 : Online Reorder Process 401 successfully started for file 330
After this there is no indication that it is running ... how far it is done etc etc.

The tendency is to quit to either see some results or ...

Use PF3 or . even after waiting for about 30 minutes. The message one gets is ...

MENFL44 : - File Service - Function interrupted

Solution - Preferred:

  1. An estimation of the time it will take in a window, with an option to continue or stop (just in case the estimated time is too long).
  2. On accepting to continue - show the estimate and the progress, at least in percentage. A backout is to be made possible on via a PF-Key'
  3. On stopping - show the existing message.

Solution 2 - Plan B:

  1. On exit prompt for confirmation that you do want to exit. With a message saying the 'Reorder' is running.
  2. The existing message ... for interruption can be then shown.

An example that works today ... Database Maintenance / Recover unused space MENDB05 : Unused space recovered successfully. However this may be possible due to the fact the time taken for this is very small comparatively.

Another example is when a CATALL is done a windows shows the modules being done in a window and on the end the stats. It would be nice to keep the same window and show its ended and then on entering show the stats.

Use Case AOS / Usability
Created on Brainstorm 12.21.2015 01:48 pm
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