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Workspace Adabas for z/OS
Created by Guest
Created on Jul 13, 2021

ADAFRM without NUMBER keyword leads to production system crash

I demand an enhancement for the ADAFRM utility.

Trying to increase the space for DATA container (new container DATAR2), we got a crash in our production system executing:

DDDATAR2 ....DSN=xxx.datar2 with


Without specifying NUMBER keyword.

In so way, ADAFRM failed with ERROR-34. We thought, by error, it might be declared DATAR1 container.

Then, ADAFRM started successfully with:

DDDATAR1 ....DSN=xxx.datar1

DDDATAR2 ....DSN=xxx.datar2

but we were formatting DATAR1, leading to crash.

It would be a good idea to change the manage of NUMBER keyword in order not to have a default. This keyword might be compulsory.

So, one would be able to know what container is being formatting.

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Created on Brainstorm 04.29.2016 11:52 am
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