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Workspace Adabas for z/OS
Categories Adabas (ADA-zOS)
Created by Guest
Created on Jul 13, 2021

ADABAS Online Services – AOS ... CLOG/PLOG switch

ADABAS Online Services – AOS

O Session opercoms

F Force CLOG or PLOG switch

Currently .....

EACI05 : PLOG switched to PLOGR1

Would like to see the CLOGs or PLOGS in use / available flush / refresh one not in use by selecting it from a list When doing so would like to remain in the window until it’s done and force the switch. See the results in the list.


Command PLOGs Size Unused Status

_ PLOGR1 500 CYL 10% Current

_ PLOGR2 500 CYL 100% available

EACI05 : PLOG switched to PLOGR1

PF1 Help

R – Refresh/flush Logs (cannot be performed on ‘Current’)

F – Force (has to be on ‘Available’ – warning if full?)


No platform given. Guessing z/OS
Created on Brainstorm 06.10.2016 01:23 pm
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