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Created on Jul 13, 2021

Fastpath: new File Parameter for full exclusions statistics recorded for a file

Please refer to Support Incident5224186:
It is for performance reasons that Adabas Fastpath does notattribute every command of no interest to a file-level exclusion Count.
The COP1=H on an S1 command requests an action from Adabas (retain the ISN list) that Fastpath simply cannot fulfil and so such commands should be excluded as soon as possible (for performance reasons as mentioned earlier) and go to Adabas.
The issue: since we have noticed poor optimization for a specific file which was not reflected in the PF6 exclusions statistics(as an example: mere 370.000 PF6 counts BUT 2,9 Mio' Attempts' in the same period).
Software AG development made a proposal: for the next version a new File Parameter could be introduced to allow full exclusions statistics to be recorded for a file. This parameter would allow every command that was ineligible to be optimized by Fastpath to be attributed to an ineligibility reason. By default the file parameter would be "OFF" due to the overhead that it would introduce, but if switched on for a select file/files would enable the customer to see, at the file level, why those commands where no optimization has been attempted have been considered ineligible.

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