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Workspace Adabas for z/OS
Created by Reiner Koester
Created on Jul 13, 2021

ADARSP 9, Sc 3 should have more differentiation

ADARSP 9, Sc 3 could have 7 different reasons: TNAE,TNAX,TNAA, STOPF, STOPI, 'security Violation' and'OP cmd with the same user ID'. This makes the analyse of RSP9,SC 3 very difficult.

We need new subcodes for the different reasons, for example 4 to 9. The next used subcode ist 15. This will symplify the analyse of a problem, also for the SoftwareAG-Support.

Use Case Usability: Symplify the analyse of RSP 9
Created on Brainstorm 11.20.2018 01:49 pm
Brainstorm ID 6470
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