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Status Under development
Workspace Adabas for z/OS
Created by Zaffer Khan
Created on Jul 13, 2021

AOS834: Additional filters need for all ‘Display Queue’ menus to simply production monitoring

We had a Production Problem (Incident# 5351830) where multiple users were trying to access the same record which was on hold and all of them received Record-on-Hold (RSP 145) error.

Our initial concerns related to AOS (Batch & Online) were addressed by Software AG support. But they told us to raise a 'Customer Enhancement Request' related to ADABAS Online Services for the following:

i. We are not able to filter based on User ID (ETID or SecUID) under ‘Display Hold Queue’ Menu, which works well under ‘Display User Queue Elements’ Menu.

ii. It would be helpful, if additional filters/search criteria were available under ‘Display Queue’ menu, especially for the following variables:

--> a.Search for specific ISN

--> b.Search for specific File Number

--> c.Search for specific User ID (which is not working for HOLD Queue)

Use Case Production Problem
Created on Brainstorm 01.06.2019 07:28 am
Brainstorm ID 6611
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