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Workspace Adabas for z/OS
Created by Guest
Created on Jul 13, 2021

Event Replicator Enhancement Proposal

Hi ,

On Regular Scenario as per the support information , The REPTOR knows about the completion of the Replay process and the token is disconnected once the Replay process is succesfull based on the notification from ADARPL utility on succesfull completion , but REPTOR cant know if an ADARPL-Job abends in an uncontrolled way

Update from Support :


The token are not controlled by Reptor always.

Reptor doesn't follow the execution of their reply tokens, so Reptor can't "know" if an ADARPL-job abends in an uncontroled way or if it's cancelled.

It's the utility ADARPL who notifys Reptor their end succesfully or "controled" abend to release the token associated with this execution.

In our example, ARPL is cancelled by operator (S222) and RPLCLEANUP isn't processed by Reptor.


Suggestion :

But it would be very nice if the replay token followup(whether ADARPL Job cancelled or not active) is done by the REPTOR and REPTOR understands that the ADARPL Job is not active anymore and gives a message as token disconnected

and terminates the Replay process flag and token ID from its end, so that it do not lead to disaster.



Use Case Replication: Operational Efficiency and Stability
Created on Brainstorm 01.22.2019 03:07 pm
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