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Created on Jul 13, 2021

IBM Coupling Facility - async lock structure duplexing

Our Geoplex is currently spread over 3 locations. However, we will have to give up one of these locations in the near future and the two remaining locations are 25 km apart.

Due to the greater distance, we expect a performance penalty when we perform lock-structures without "asynchronous" duplexing.

The asynchronous CF duplexing feature became available with IBM System z13 with CFCC 21 level starting October 2016. This feature reduces the latency of XES lock requests in system-managed duplexing compared to system duplexing managed synchronously.

The benefit of using this feature varies depending on configuration, such as CF distance, CF link types, and commit frequency of the applications.

Preliminary IBM measurements demonstrate promising results of up to 2 times cost reduction by using asynchronous lock duplexing, compared to today’s synchronous duplexing.

Use Case see Description
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