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Status Future consideration
Workspace Adabas for z/OS
Created by Hermann Pfeiffer
Created on Jul 13, 2021

Decorators to show if 'source' is running or stopped

The Event Replicator Target Adapter Administration Tool shows a navigation tree comprising all the 'engines', 'sources' and 'targets' defined under the Status branch. To figure out, if those components a re running or stopped, one has to double-click the icon in order to get a window opened showing all the information of that component. Sometimes components get stopped for a reason, a timeout for instance. In suchcases a simple restart will help to get everything working again. From an administration point of view it is kind of laborious to take care of that, though: If there's lots of those components, every single one has to get opened on order to see if it is running.

It would definitely help a lot, if those components in the navigation tree were equipped with little decorators, like a red/green dot showing if they are currently running or not.

We strongly recommend this enhancement!


Original Use Case:
Easier and faster monitoring

Use Case Replication / Usability
Created on Brainstorm 03.19.2021 10:44 am
Brainstorm ID 8896