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Status Under development
Workspace Adabas for z/OS
Created by Hermann Pfeiffer
Created on Jul 13, 2021

In AOS Show Target ID of Replication Instead Of Only ON

On the 'Modify File Parameters' screen in AOS the replication status of a file is shown and can get changed. The values of the field 'Replication' are ON, OFF and INACT.

In case of a switched on replication showing the target ID would be more informative than just ON.

The proposed change would give more information at first glance. No PF6 for the replication parameters would be necessary in case of more then one replication target possible.

Use Case Operational efficiency improvement
Created on Brainstorm 06.23.2021 08:21 am
Brainstorm ID 9235
  • Admin
    Juergen Lind
    Dec 2, 2021

    This is now planned for release in 2022Oct with AOS 855.

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