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Status Future consideration
Workspace Adabas for z/OS
Categories Usability Utilities zIIP
Created by Reiner Koester
Created on Jul 23, 2021

ADADBS with ZIIP=YES brings ADARUN Error-23

An ADADBS OPERCOM ends as follows:

'ADARUN DATABASE = 009, PROG = ADADBS, ZIIP = YES ADARUN Error-23, Invalid value for parameter ZIIP' and aborts with an 'ABEND SYSTEM = 000 USER = 0035'.

As a result, subsequent steps no longer start.

All non-ZIIP-capable ADABAS utilities should ignore the parameter, output a message, but not cause an abend.

The inquiry by the ADABAS-development has shown that the parameter check for ZIIP = Yes / No is done in ADARUN for design reasons. As a result, the utilities only have the ABEND as reaction.

We ask to change this procedure.
Use Case Operational Efficiency: Jobs gets no Abend
Created on Brainstorm 07.20.2021 02:54 pm
Brainstorm ID 9294