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Status Under Review
Workspace Adabas for z/OS
Created by Hermann Pfeiffer
Created on Aug 26, 2021

Better Options For MS SQL Server Loader (bcp)

This is in the context of replicating data from a mainframe Adabas to a MS SQL Server under Windows.

For a huge amount of data in source files Initial State processing can get done with ADARIS and a loader, bcp (Bulk Copy Program) as a MS SQL Server tool. The bcp call with options is generated by ART.

We've noticed, for the bcp call the option -hCHECK_CONSTRAINTS is mandatory, i.e. generated and used by ART no matter what. According to bcp documentation, this is not a good idea regarding performance. Couldn't this option be dropped or made optional?

Also, the bcp option -hORDER(ISN ASC) might improve performance. So, shouldn't that get generated automatically, instead?