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Created on Jul 13, 2021

[Docu] Single- and Multi-function utilities documentation

Some Adabas for Windows utilities are "Single-function" utilities which must beexecuted by pressing CTRL/Zfollowed by a carriage-returnon Windows.

I onlyuse the Adabas utilities on Windows"very rarely".So each time I must search through the docu to find the definition of "single-" and "multi-" function.
The Adabas Utilities documentation says only that "this is a Single-function utility".
But the documentation about "Using Single- and Multi-function utitlies" is buried away in the Adabas Administration documentation.

Q1. Why isn't this information in the Adabas Utilities docu?
Q2. Could youadd a link from the Adabas Utilities docuto the Admin > Using Single- and Multi-function utilities" docu, please?
NB. The link could be on either the Utilities Prefacepage or on the Utilities Overview page.

This is something which has frustrated me for decades.
It would be nice to finally get it fixed.

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