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Created by Douglas Kelly
Created on Jul 13, 2021

Adabas REST Administration - install consistency with other Adabas products

Adabas REST Administration uses several non-standard approaches for installation - directory names, location of start/stop routines, naming, etc.

One example is the name of the systemd (systemctl) service daemon - it defaults to "adarest_1", when everything else in the /opt/softwareag uses "sag1PPPNNN" where "sag1" is the prefix for the first installation instance and PPPNNN is the production code and version. I'm not crazy about the version in the name (they're harder to remember) but being able to use "systemctl list-units | grep sag1" is VERY helpful.

Yes, it is possible to edit the script that generates the systemd unit, but for most customers, that option comes too late to be incorporated.

Would also be helpful if the scripts didn't use "exit" all over the place as that command drops one out of the current shell.

Use Case Usability: Installation and Maintenance
Created on Brainstorm 05.27.2020 12:39 am
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