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Status Future consideration
Created by Douglas Kelly
Created on Jul 13, 2021

[RBAC] database level file permissions

It would be helpful to be able to provide permissions for all files in a database (update for dba roles, read for auditors, for example) rather than having to enumerate every permission for every file for each applicable role - something like:



This would remove the need to provide a similar grant for every one of the hundreds of files in the database. A file number range might be an alternative:

grant role=auditor,operation=read,object=1000-1200

for access to files "1000" thru "1200".

This would make the permissions easier to manage and review, clarifying who has access to what.

Use Case RBAC: Operational Efficiency, improved security, all phases
Created on Brainstorm 03.30.2021 07:21 pm
Brainstorm ID 8983