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Created on Jul 13, 2021

cluster functionality for Adabas (OpenSystems)

to enable better 24*7 availability for Adabas a cluster functionality would be helpful. That means, that one database can be served by several adanuc processes running on different machines. As this is a more general request, no further specification of the underlying cluster file system should be made.
When brainstorming on such a solution some further aspects should be in mind:
* "rolling upgrade": take off one node from the cluster, patch it and bring it back into production without interrupting the database at all
* give individual nodes a specific purpose (i.e. for utility access only, for specific users only)


This is under development for Linux x86 platforms.

Use Case Re-Hosting
Created on Brainstorm 03.16.2012 09:13 pm
Brainstorm ID 1080
  • Luciano Pimenta
    Jun 28, 2023

    Adabas Cluster for Linux is available as of Oct/22.

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