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Status New
Categories Adabas (ADA-Linux)
Created by Hezi Shirazi
Created on Aug 27, 2023

Add ADAFRM parameters to ADABAS.INI

We would like to have ADAFRM parameters in ADABAS.INI.
In our site we run automatic procedures for creating new servers.
This procedures include build new databases on the new servers.
If ADABAS.INI will have defaults for ADAFRM it will save us lots of time.
To be more precise the best will be to have general defaults for any new database and in the DB_LIST section, the defaults for every DBID that is defined there.
(Different DBIDs may have different container sizes, DB names …)

However, when ADAFRM runs, it will take the parameters that were defined for this run, and only take the defaults from ADABAS.INI when a parameter was not defined to ADAFRM.