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Status New
Workspace ApplinX
Categories Web Enablement
Created by Elron Itzhak
Created on May 14, 2023

Retrieve applinx application properties

Enable to retrieve applinx application properties through using APIs: host name/address, session recording location, application timeouts etc.
The APIs would help develop more advanced developments in web applications:

  • Host name/address: In cases customer is using multiple hosts, getting what host are they using before-hand would make their connectivity process faster and more efficient, as there is no way to get that detail without opening a blank session.

  • Recording location: Some customers' Web applications are required to report the session's trace file name for auditing purposes.

  • Application timeouts: any activity to be done in sync on a session's timeout (beyond showing logoffPrompt.htm) is not possible to be done dynamically.
    For example: closing a non-session window in sync with the applinx session closure.

  • Might be beneficial to include the rest of the properties for future cases.