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Status Not in Plan
Workspace ApplinX
Categories API Enablement
Created by Bjarne Soerensen
Created on Aug 2, 2022

Allow WSDL XML Schema validations.

The WSDL generated for ApplinX Web services does not allow for configuration of request validation elements that would be checked by the web service stack. These include (most wanted):

  • Marking an input field as mandatory

  • Marking an input array to not contain more than n occurrences

  • Marking a max length of a string or integer

  • Marking a fixed length of a string or integer

  • Listing allowed values of a string (male, female)

Allowing these validations to be configured in Data Structure objects and in the input tabs of Procedure nodes would:

a) Enable ApplinX/SOA developers to exhibit WSDL's to client application developers using industry standards.

b) save a lot of validation code in the ApplinX procedures.

See here for inspiration:

Use Case WSDL validations over self coded validations.