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Workspace CONNX
Created by Stephane Moreau
Created on Jul 27, 2021

Show Schema (APPLICATION) Name when connection is opened

Is it possible to enrich JDBC jog file and log the database schema opened ?(meaning to have the value of APPLICATION=XXX).

Indeed right know, only the DSN name (ADV), and the Connx user are displayed on the log :


Mar 1 16:36:26.914 2021@@15392 @LM_INFO @ambrosia| UPTIME:(00 00:00:06.511 ) IP:( ) TID:(5152 )==> 2019(W): Connecting to DSN: (ADV).

Mar 1 16:36:32.679 2021@@15392 @LM_INFO @ambrosia| UPTIME:(00 00:00:12.276 ) IP:( ) TID:(5152 )==> 2023(W): Connected to DSN (ADV) with CONNX user (BAT01_CONNX)..


Could you please add the application value :APPLICATION (JUPITER)

Use Case connx connection log
Created on Brainstorm 5/31/2021 8:40
Brainstorm ID 9170