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Status Under development
Workspace CONNX
Created by Stephane Moreau
Created on Jul 27, 2021

To be able to create CDD under linux

The CDD file creationis only possible with"Connx Data Dictionnary" Tool.

In our case wecreate a CDD filebyimportingRMS Specification files from VMS Server.

It should be nice to have a CDD creationtoolfor Linux, in order to simply launch (in command line) the import of RMS text specification file. and be able to create a CDD file directly on theinux server.

Created on Brainstorm 3/26/2018 0:08
Brainstorm ID 5807
  • Admin
    Daniel Bierman
    Aug 16, 2022

    In the October 2022 release the Rest API can be called to download the CDD to the Linux machine but a Windows machine is still needed to run the Rest API.

    Currently planned for 2023 is the ability to run the Rest API on a Linux server with no need for a Windows machine.