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Status Under development
Workspace CONNX
Created by Stephane Moreau
Created on Jul 27, 2021

Having type 3 to be /0 compliant with the ALLOWNULLINCHAR=1

Our needs it to be able to recover data after NULL value when using type 3 "Text Expandable" field and having ALLOWNULLINCHAR enabled.

Nowthe data type we are using (Text Expandable), stops at the null terminator (even withALLOWNULLINCHAR=1)

Larry proposal :we could change the text expandable data type so it works in conjunction with the ALLOWNULLINCHAR field.

Use Case ALLOWNULLINCHAR compliant with Text Expandable
Created on Brainstorm 7/16/2021 7:18
Brainstorm ID 9293