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Created on Jul 27, 2021

Mecanizing Connx management



Actually, to synchronize each dictionnary from production CICS to the acceptance CICS and the development CICS,

I must

- change using the mouse (GUI) the production z/os machine name to the targer machine name

- and change the production CICS port to the target CICS port

- Check if the changed dictionnary is in sync with the target cics

To do what, I must use the update statistics in the tools tab to generate the indexes and the record

length from the physical vsam definition in the z/os machine

- Then I compare the updated statistic this the cobol copybook

I do all that using a mouse

Do the version 3.0 or the version 3.5 have a feature which allow me to all these activities

by scrtipt, like the DDL in Oracle or DB2?

We are searching a way to mecanize this kind of activities


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