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Status Future consideration
Created by Hermann Pfeiffer
Created on Jun 1, 2022

Tracing Report Processing under Linux

Despite the documentation states so, tracing of report processing seems to be not possible with NOM running under Unix. If you choose this option (command TRACE, for instance) you'll get a screen "Trace Report Processing JES" with z/OS related input fields. An appropriate way to trace report processing under Linux together with a Linux version of that screen would be a real improvement!

  • Uwe Schneider
    Jul 12, 2022

    Thats true, with NOM 3.5 the report tracing function is available for Report Identifications POWER, JES and BS2000 and only on the corresponding monitor operating system.
    So this function is
    not available

    • on monitor operating system Unix

    • for other Report Identifications like Natural or Unix

    • with the multinode concept (only local monitor operating system)

    There was the idea to use the API NOMLGUSN to write user log entries from the separation exit as alternative.

  • Ulrich Fries
    Jun 8, 2022

    with version 3.5 the multinode concept was introduced; the report tracing depends no more on the monitor operating system; now there could be many different source operating systems side by side; there should be a dialogue where you can choose the node, the report is to be read from for tracing; depending on the selection you can present the specific trace processing screen for the choosen plattform