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Status Under development
Created by Hermann Pfeiffer
Created on May 3, 2023

Copy SYSOUT Files not only to BS2000 Nodes, but to Linux Nodes also

In 'Job maintenance', for Unix and Windows jobs, it is possible to define a handover of SYSOUT files from the execution system to a BS2000 system. This is done by setting a 'SYSOUT node' (together with a 'SYSOUT Cat ID' and a 'SYSOUT User ID') in the 'Operating System Specific Execution Features' reachable by PF6.

This feature was introduced in order to deliver output for a central, mainframe based Entire Output Management in an easy way. Today's architectures are way more distributed and the role of a mainframe Entire Output Mangement (NOM) is often taken over by NOM running under Unix. The advantage of getting output "delivered" to one or few systems, however, is still the same: From the NOM point of view it is not necessary to administrate and keep up to date all the nodes of those systems where output might be generated.

Accordingly, it would be very helpful, if that handover of SYSOUT files wouldn't be restricted to BS2000 systems, but possible to Unix systems as well!