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Status Future consideration
Created by Georg Schmitt
Created on Aug 1, 2023

NOP: Export Feature Schedule Definition

Comment of the requester Herr Schneider on 2023-07-25: From my point of view, there is no need for the change we want for the other customers, but there is also no contradiction.

Therefore, from my point of view, the change could be analysed further and then implemented if necessary.

A survey done by Herrn Fries regarding this feature returned on 2023-07-17: The response to the survey was unfortunately rather modest (4 responses). The tenor of those who use the export feature (3) was that they use their own scripting for further processing and in some cases already actively handle the schedule information in a scripted manner (remove, manipulate - depending on the target environment) and thus tend to show no interest in the desired feature.

At the working group on 2023-06-07, it was requested that a new export feature similar to the schedule object (yes/no) should also take into account or not take into account the schedule definitions at network and job level when exporting networks and jobs. Currently, the schedule definition is always exported (with).

Up to now, it has only been possible to manipulate the export file and delete the schedule definition if the export is not desired. This can also be automated with the help of editors.

The following problem arises in the mental implementation of the feature:

The schedule definitions on network and job level do not represent independent objects, but are built into the respective object (network or job master) as properties. Therefore, it is not possible to include or exclude a completed unit as is the case with the schedule object, but when excluding the schedule definition, the object must be actively and consistently intervened in. The coding effort required for this has not yet been considered. In addition, the buttons in the export dialogue would then be a mixture of object and property selection, which does not appear to be an obstacle with appropriate documentation.

In order to be able to assess whether the topic should be pursued further, I would like to ask you to answer the following questions

- Do you actively use the export feature with regard to networks and jobs?

- If you use the export feature, do you manipulate the export files by hand or scripting?

- If you use the export feature, would the above feature be helpful to you?

See a details description in the attached ppt (in German)