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Workspace EntireX
Created by Douglas Kelly
Created on Jul 7, 2021

Attach Manager needs log management

Currently, the exxatm processes write to a log (e.g. Default.log) while the ATM is running, logging every check of servers and start of services, with the WAIT time the only control on the amount of logging done (which impacts the responsiveness of the ATM to changing availability of services).

Unlike Adabas writing to the NUCADT.LOG or EntireX Broker writing to its trace log, exxatm writes only to one file - even renamed on the fly, it continues to write to the same physical file. A service interruption (stop, rename, restart) is required to roll off the log.

Please provide some form of standard log management for the Attach Manager - the EntireX Broker approach, for example, is quite acceptable.

Created on Brainstorm 3/24/2021 9:18
Brainstorm ID 8915
  • Admin
    Juergen Lind
    Oct 21, 2021

    Has been implemented and released with:
    - EXX 10.5: EntireX Broker 10.5 Fix 33 on 2021-08-12 (
    - EXX 10.7: EntireX Broker 10.7 Fix 7 on 2021-10-01 (
    - EXX 10.8 on 2021-10-15