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Created on Jul 7, 2021

Creating AJP Connector from Command Central

In older versions of Entirex/Tomcat/Catalina and you want to use a Connector of type AJP in Tomcat,
you defined this in a configuration file called "server.xml"
It's placed in the following folder:

is the library, where you install the Enxtirex.
See attached file "server.xml" for an old version of Entirex 8.2

If you edit the new "server.xml"-file under Entirex 10.3 and insert the
same "Connector" for AJP in this configuration file it actually works,
but this is, of course, not the correct way to define the Connector.

If you want to define a new Connector of type AJP, you are using Command Central CCE
to do this.
I have attached screendumps of Command Central, where to define Connectors in Command Central
See attached file "command_central_ctp.docx"

After you have created the new Connector, the configuration file look like this, and will be found
the following folder:

See attached file "connector_file_catalina_1.docx" for content.

But as AJP Connector, this is not enough. You have to describe, which protocol you want to use for
the AJP Connector. To do this you have to add a line last in the configuration file, you just made.
Insert in the configuration file this line:


This tells Tomcat, that the Connector is AJP type with the standard protocol AJP/1.3

See attached file "connector_file_catalina_2.docx"

The problem is you have to edit your configuration file with "notepad" to insert this line, and
this makes the definition quite complicated.
If you could make the full definition from Command Central, it will be so mush easier,
especially when you not are an expert in Tomcat/Catalina and AJP.

Now, I don't know, if there are other protocols for AJP, but if there are, it will be
usefull, if Command Central could help you to select a useful protocol of type AJP.

See also Incident 5358130 See/Define a connecter in Tomcat/Catalina under EntireX 10.3

Claes Berg


Kredinor A/S


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