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Created on Jul 7, 2021

Optimize and Application Monitoring does not support EntireX SVC/Net stub


Monitoring for EntireX is currently only supported if TCP/IP stubs in the
entire call, also internally on the Mainframe.

It is

our impression that SVC on z/OS is by far the most common setup for internal
communication. And also the fastest communication.

So the

consequence is that we and most customers on z/OS will have to change the stub-setup
in all environments in order to use Application Monitoring.

This is

in itself a heavy task especially in outsourced environment.

On top

of this, we and many customer use “trusted-userid=yes” for easier authentication.
Because this is only possible using SVC, these customers will also have to
change their security setup, which may involve a considerable effort – as well technically – but certainly also from an organizational perspective.

This change will impact all our integration and this will require a test which will cost way to much.

And until changed, we are not able to do application monitoring.

Created on Brainstorm 10/13/2017 5:01
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  • Admin
    Juergen Lind
    Jul 12, 2021

    EntireX RnD and PM analyzed this request.

    It would mean a re-design of Application Monitoring as a basic feature is missing from SVC/NET: Receive-All.

    This in turn would mean XL efforts.

    Compared with our existing backlogs, we cannot see this to get implemented.

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