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Workspace JIS & JI
Categories JIS
Created by Darsh Cook
Created on Feb 7, 2022

Allow complete directories in the ProtectedResources setting in the jacadasv.ini

Currently we have a client that’s trying to block access to many different files due to a pentest that was done where these files could be accessed given their name. This client is already using the AllowDirectoryBrowsing=0 feature, but they are trying to also use ProtectedResources to block access to files. The problem is that there are so many needed to be specified. Is there a way to specify some flag to recursively block files given a folder or a wildcard character that could be used to block access to files matching a condition?

Examples (including, but not limited to):

Block access to all Root/bin and Root/classes files (as a recursive example).

Also maybe something like block access to all .bat or Root/classes/.ini files (as a wildcard example). Think he already tried to use an asterisk similar to this, but it wasn’t working that way.