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Workspace Natural for z/OS
Created by Christina Möllenberg
Created on Sep 1, 2021

NSC Library security profile maintenance logs enhancements

Two points that do not work as they should in
"Library Security Profile Maintenance Logs"
for displaying the modified additional options
of the function "add/mod special link"
SYSSEC Mainmenu
Maintenance log records
select a "add/mod special link" function
press PF4
the selection menu don't show in which menu point
there are modifications.

In this window all items with modifications should
be highlighted.

the display of the a Cancel special link is empty.
No data of the canceled link is displayed.
At least the last content of the special link is needed.
If possible it would be appreciated to get also the
differences to the 'normal link' highlighted.

I hope these two points could be implemented.

Use Case easier security administration / audit possibilities will be created - in all phases
Created on Brainstorm 08/27/2021 02:02 AM
Brainstorm ID 9400