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Status Released
Workspace Natural for z/OS
Created by Chad Scott
Created on Feb 24, 2022

Allow RPC from Natural without forcing ICU to be installed

Directly related to SI-458003

use RPC protocol 2050 without using ICU instead using Natural default code page.

This was reviewed and suggested by Software AG RnD.


Chad Scott - Feb.24, 2022

Use Case RPC from Natural
  • Chad Scott
    Jun 1, 2022

    Additional information:

    When client performing the callnat is MF with NAT/NSC v9.x and it is doing the call to a RPC server running under Windows with only NAT (no NSC) the RPC call will still complete normally when Windows NATv8.x is being used, and only fails when Windows NATv9.x is installed.

    This further suggests that ICU is NOT required to complete RPC calls and that it is only some incorrect or incomplete check on the client (MF) side artificially preventing the RPC callnat to complete.