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Status Under development
Workspace Natural for z/OS
Created by Rick Poirier
Created on Mar 31, 2022

Option to Obtain Dynamic Execution Info

Analysts researching which Natural objects using Dynamic SQL are causing issues such as DB/2 Locking

Based on the feedback from SAG (*pasted below), Please create a utility for NDBIOMO (Dynamic Natural SQL) with the option to capture and enable None, All or Only the Last SQL executions by input criteria such as Batch Job Name, IMS Region or User Id. The results might be furnished by Print Out or Online Display within SYSDB2. If acceptable, the customer could establish and maintain an Adabas file to store the results for historical purposes. Once the data is available in Adabas, ideally, the customer could create additional displays and printouts where required as issues are researched.

*From SAG Development*

NDB indeed keeps an internal table with the statements that have been prepared for reuse purposes. Unfortunately this table is cleared after the program execution, even when an error occurs.

NDB also has a copy of the last statement that was executed. This includes the statement number in the program (program line), the type of statement, program name and library, SQLCODE, SQLSTATE and the internal cursor number and statement number from NDBIOMO. This information is kept after the program was executed. Unfortunately currently it is not possible to access this using an utility or NDBSERV function.

Could you please clarify if this is what is being requested and if it is expected to have information about all statements in the statement table or just the last statement executed?

Also, this is considered a new function request.

Use Case Trouble Shooting
  • Lenny Crouse
    Mar 28, 2023

    This would be very useful on bridges trying to fix issues