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Workspace Natural for z/OS
Categories Natural (NAT)
Created by Jesper Orland
Created on Aug 1, 2022

Provide "correct" value in Threadsize maxused

When storaged needed for dynamic variables (eg. DYNVDES) is expanded, a new buffer with the expanded size is allocated and content of the "old" buffer is copied to the new buffer and then the old buffer is released.

When calculating the max allowed size of OVSIZE, both new and old buffer is included, which but when logging max size used in the BUS command only the new buffersize is included and also in the totals only the new buffer is included.

This makes debugging the error very difficult. I got NAT7545 with a max allocated storage of 19000K even though OVSIZE was 30000K. Because the attempted allocation for DYNVDES was 11500 for new buffer (The old buffer size was 9.000).

Use Case Debuging of short of storage issues
  • Admin
    Eli Cohen
    Nov 27, 2022

    It was released with zap NA98051 and Natural 9.2.