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Status Not in Plan
Workspace Natural for z/OS
Created by Ilan Hirschowitz
Created on May 8, 2023

New Parameter for ZIIP switching

When our Batch Natural for Ziip JOBS do a lot of I/Os the switching that happens even when using the I/O buffer causes the elapsed time to increase & greatly affects the batch window, which is unacceptable.

I propose a new parameter to alleviate this .

the user specified PARM could be for example MAX_SWITCHES_ALLOWED.

Once this is hit the entire JOB STEP should disengage from using ZIIP at all & all processing should be diverted only to the GP.

This would allow the batch time frame to be observed & not cause processing problems when turning ZIIP PARM on for the entire workload.

Alternatively - from my understanding on the ADA ZIIP side the issue of long waits once an SRB switch needs to happen, has been solved, where the CMD is immediately queued to the TCB without causing any delay.