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Status Under Review
Workspace Natural for z/OS
Categories Natural (NAT)
Created by Zaffer Khan
Created on Apr 1, 2024

Natural Buffer Pool (SYSBPM): TotalUC#2 new Use count field for depicting Level-1 executions of natural objects

Under Natural Buffer Pool (SYSBPM), we noticed while investigating a performance issue in production that when a Natural Object has multi-level, the TotalUC value for the primary object is a cumulative sum of all the sub-routines being called.

This makes it misleading as reporting and becomes difficult to find the object with the actual high calls under SYSBPM reporting.

Having TotalUC#2 as a separate display field, which only reports the primary calls of that object, and not the sub-level calls, will give us exact calls (TotalUC#2) against the high TotalUC value (which is cumulative of all sub call values).

Kindly treat this feature as an priority enhancement so that we can benefit from this representation in our daily buffer pool statistics.

Use Case SYSBPM, TOTALUC, Use Count