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Status Released
Workspace Natural for z/OS
Categories Natural (NAT)
Created by Marijane Voyles
Created on Apr 25, 2024

be able to display SYSTP natural roll server statistics using NATBATCH job.

Nissan would like to be able to generate a report that displays the percentage used of the natural roll servers.

  • Admin
    Eli Cohen
    May 28, 2024

    This is already available on Batch.

    Use SYSTP in JCL

    See Sample :

    //CMSYNIN DD *

    SYSTP R.QA93.E

    Where "R" is roll server, QA93 is the system id and then "E" - "Display ECSAD storage" command of the SYSTP.

    Adding an option (B, D, E, L, M, P, R, S, U, V or Z) would then be just need a 2nd dot followed by this option.