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Workspace Natural for z/OS
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Created on Jul 15, 2021

SYSMAIN & SYSOBJH: Use SYSSEC Library FDIC settings for Source and Target libraries

With the implementation of FDIC settings at library level in SYSSEC, it would be useful to default the SOURCE and TARGET FDICS to those of the Natural library in SYSSEC. This would enable the appropriate XREF data to be copied with the programming objects.

Within SYSMAIN I manually do this via MAINEX04. Within SYSOBJH, this happens automatically if the FDIC DBID is set but if left blank it does not find XREF data (I have logged this as an error).

Use Case Inclusion of this feature would mean returning to SAG base software again.
Created on Brainstorm 12/18/2019 05:01 AM
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