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Categories Natural (NAT)
Created by Raul Hurtado
Created on Jul 15, 2021

Deactivation of buffer or modification of buffer size.


We created this incident:5447577 CMPRINT log file records are NOT available on the fly

In it, we requested:

CMPRINT log file records are NOT available on the fly

1. Under IBM z/OS Natural, CMPRINT log file records are available on the fly – i. e. in real time – while job is running,

2. Under Windows Natural, they are not, one has to wait till the end of the job to get the first records of the CMPRINT file.

This does not help, especially when some processes are not running properly.

Is there any way to see logs 'in real time' and not only when the program ends?

As response we got:

Hello Raul,

Yes, you're right on Mainframe, the output of a Write or Display statement are written to CMPRINT, is flushed immediately and can be seen directly in the output file.

On Open Systems the output is not flushed immediately. Instead, each output is collected in the internal Natural 32K buffer which is flushed when it is full or when a report is closed.

The 32K buffer is a cache buffer inside of Natural which is used to increase the performance of file I/O. Currently there is no possibility to deactivate the usage of this buffer or to modify the buffer size.

The buffer is flushed either when it is full or when the report is closed.

I suggest to open an Enhancement Request asking for this if it is needed.

Best Regards,

Use Case In Natural for windows sripts (natural batch jobs)
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