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Status Future consideration
Categories Natural (NAT)
Created by Bjarne Soerensen
Created on Jul 15, 2021

Clear lock files on Linux boot to avoid system downs.

If - after a UNIX/Linux boot - there are lock files left behind in /tmp these files may cause all attempts to start Natural to fail with startup error 35 .

There are many product support incidents for this problem - many of these indicate that complete production systems have been unavailable for extended periods of time due to this problem.

Please, improve the boot buffer pool script to remove any left-behind /tmp/NC*.LCK files before creating the first buffer pool.

The typical response: "don't use kill -9 to end Natural processes" does not apply since system admins often do not want control of how the users use kill.

Created on Brainstorm 03/08/2018 00:18
Brainstorm ID 5756
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